Switched to Blender as my main 3D program

I’ve been learning Blender!

Years ago I worked with 3DMax and I was reluctant to switch to an other 3D program. Because when you start, you know what you want to make and what is possible in 3D, but you can’t find the function or options in the new program structure. I have opened Blender a few times and then closed it again after 2 minutes because it ‘felt’ wrong.
Of course you can learn a lot by watching all different youtube video’s about Blender but it is nice if you get a proper introduction. I have found the course ‘Blender 2.8 Launch Pad’ by Zacharias Reinhardt from CGBoost is a very well structured and all round introduction into Blender.
Check out the course here: Blender 2.8 Launch Pad

This clip I made is from the low poly flying car model which you learn to make. And with this car you make a short animation in a desert area. The tutorial covers a lot; Userinterface, modeling, shading (not texturing), particles, lights, animation and of course rendering.